I and others around me have had devastatingly negative interactions with Konkokyo. It is extremely overrepresented in Western Shinto in comparison to other types of Shinto in comparison to other faiths. Its presence is seen everywhere: Discord, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.

Konkokyo is home to much toxic positivity and cults of personality.

Puts down other religions, refused to solve monetary issues with a member, fearmongering/harassment. The toxic positivity leads to an inability to deal with some more nitty-gritty, realistic situations (as a named Kyokai leader attests). Blind nationalism and obedience to country is commanded of its followers in teachings that are still shared as motivational quotes by a wide range of churches across Japan.

You can read some more positive and negative opinions about Konkokyo in Japanese here.


2024/04/03 up

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