You may wonder why a religious website has a politics tab. I grew up hearing that religion, sex, and politics are things you shouldn't discuss as they can be heated issues. However, given the historical way that Shinto has been used as a tool of fascism, it is imperative that we address this issue and give it its rightful consideration, so as to avoid repetitions of fascism in the future. It is also a sad truth that Asian Shinto practitioners, Japanese or otherwise, face racism from some of the others in the community and get spoken over at best, or fetishized, called slurs, bullied, or harassed at worst.

Many shrines unfortunately lean right wing. This makes engaging with some of the worst parts of Japanese society unavoidable when dealing with Shinto. Here are some pointers on Japanese politics, as well as the issue of fetishization from the outside.

The Context for Right Wing Fetishization

Yellow Fever

Leftism in Japan